2013 Paul Revere Award – Gosh Folks I’m Speechless


It’s a Major Award!

Check out this stellar hunk of InnerWeb Candy:

Earl Of Taint Paul Revere Award

Of course I don’t get these kinds of things everyday, mostly because I don’t rate them so it occurred to me this could be a clever trap or Spam. I don’t like Spam.

You’ll say “Earl, you dipshit, it comes from Curmudgeon’s blog, Political Clown Parade a well-known and admired source of sharp political humor and keen insight. What’s not to trust?”

Well all I know is those Trojans are damned sneaky little invisible mofos that can dump all manner of crap into your cookies & stuff then you get porn popups and you’re in deep dutch with Earline. In her judgement, any photo of a naked female below the age of 40 appearing on my computer constitutes kiddie porn. I do not need the headache.

So I checked the list of other recipients:

There you go. The award is 100% authentic. Meaning it was obviously sent to me by mistake because I clearly don’t belong in this elite group of people that write things, with words, in a linear fashion, consistently. I’m deeply honored regardless. And I’m not giving it back.

I cannot live without it.

Thank you so very much. xoxo #RoyalWave


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