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OK, One More Go At The Bear

obama teddy

McCain Repatriated

mccain meets syrians

Obama: Stuck In The Mud

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Hello Boys! I Missed You!

A brief departure from my usual fare, wherein I feel my age…

I was 17 when Robyn Hilton made her debut as Miss Stein, secretary to Governor William J. Le Petomane, in Mel Brooks’ 1974 comedy film Blazing Saddles.

hello boys!

She’s 73 now.


But memories – and fantasies – are forever.

Here’s Looking At You, Boys.

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I’ve Put Barack Hussein Obama On Mount Rushmore

Live with it. It’s done. His legacy is set in stone.


obama on mt rushmore

Overfed Protesters Demand Farmers Grow Less Food Or Something

march against monsanto

Old Dogs Try Old Tricks

old dogs try old tricks

March Against Monsanto?

march on monsanto

Certainly not denying anyone’s right to eat what they please. I just figure there are people in the world who cannot be that choosy. They just need something to eat every day.

And the unbridled hatred directed towards Monsanto – identical to the irrational vitriol focused at Koch Industries, Halliburton etc and from the same Leftist Inquisitors – tends to discredit the (perhaps) more rational arguments against GMO food production. I readily concede that sane, rational, intelligent, well-meaning people oppose GMO food, as is their right. I just haven’t seen a compelling argument for their total ban.

I’d also bet the people protesting GMO (and Monsanto in particular) the loudest have never really gone long without a meal. Starvation changes one’s perspective, I’d think.

I Guess I’m A Corporate Shill Or Something

But isn’t eating food from GMO crops better than starving?

march on monsanto

Master Disaster

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It’s Not Even Raining, Duh

no umbrella today thanks

h/t to Clemson Man @TigermanKeith