Saw this coming

Posted this back on the 13th:

death panels for seniors
Get out of the way, Granny

And today, well gee looky here.

When the arch-miserabilist Martin Amis suggested a few years ago that Britain should put “euthanasia booths” on street corners, where the old might finish themselves off with “a martini and a medal”, there was uproar. Yet now, the idea that elderly people have some kind of duty to die, primarily in order to free up resources for younger, needier people, is creepily commonplace.

It is reported this week that an 83-year-old British man with early-onset dementia will soon become the first Briton suffering from that disease to commit suicide at Dignitas in Switzerland. And sympathisers with this act of suicidal tourism are holding it up as an example of how, by topping themselves, oldies can “stop being a burden” and can “avoid squandering financial resources” that might be “better spent on [their] grandchildren’s further education”.