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obama the teabagger

Who’s Doing The TeaBagging Here?


Well yeah, I always thought we could. But here we are.

America Can Do Better

Healthier Snacks From The Easter Wookie

flotus scares children

Nork Newz


nork tv news

nork tv news




Feed the Earth! Go Green!

al gore shits in his garden

This one’s for my good friend Mark, from Holland Michigan aka Hometown USA.

“If You Ain’t Dutch You Ain’t Much.”


democrats suck at government

They Suck At Government

Our Vaunted Press Corps

media favors obama

They cover for the President

UK Paper Crowns Michelle Obama “Best Dressed”

michelle obama royal stamp uk advert

Hey, it’s their country.

That Sawed-Off Little Bloomberg Woman Needs To Mind Her Own Damed Bidness

mike bloomberg MYOB bish

New York City isn’t enough for her?

Human-Toothed Fish Awes Researchers: “A voracious, relentless…eating machine…”

african ass fish

well-toned fins