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maxine waters

He would’ve shut it down 3 years ago…and “invested” “our” “savings” in Kenya.

president propellor head

Mister Propeller-Head

The greatest threat to the security of our country is the concern-troll man we’ve chosen to lead it.

Obamacare: Reality Bites

obamacare explained by science

Gross anatomy lab for peanuts

peanut med school students in gross anatomy lab

kim jong un instructs his generals

gay sportsman

The Official Michelle Obama Portrait, before Cosmetics and Camouflage

portrait of Michelle Obama before makeup

sans accoutrements

A Glue so strong, it can prop-up a dead Dictator

hugo chavez

Kardashian Girls Head Out for Dinner

kardashian sisters at dinner

Ol’ Gigolo John

john kerry

Dogs Playing Poker

dogs playing poker

Me being divisive. Again.

FUBO. I’m not cooperating.