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#DrudgeSexScandal – Here it is:



I’ll say.

Sums It Up

Obama’s Foreign Policy “Experience”? You mean like this?


Thanks again to Bubba for germinatin’ the seed.

Like he’d listen.

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong…

The Perch er Bitin’


Rating * 1 star

Nominations/Awards: None

Obscure B-Horror Movie from 1975 tells the tale of giant, mutant, man-eating Perch that launch themselves from Lake Michigan onto the unsuspecting residents of the town of Holland. The hardy Dutch residents fight back with the only weapons they possess – Brooms and Dinner Buckets. Stars: Marco Van Garcia, Agnes Moorehead, Clara Dribble. Rated “Mature” for violence, blood, gore, tulips and wooden shoes. ~

Texas Halloween

Sandra Fluke is killing it out there

This year call it “Hell-No-Ween”