Van Jones Watermelon.


Government control of private industry, used to further nationalist goals – that is the very definition of Fascism, Mr Jones. It’s National Socialism – and you’d like to see it implemented in America under the disguise of taxpayer subsidies for a program of “Green Jobs”. Extorting funds from corporations and glomming taxpayer dollars, all in the name of the Environment, which of course carries solid moral authority as benefiting the fabled “Common Good”.

Fact is, government has no place “creating jobs”. Private industry will do that, as soon as the jobs are needed. Right now they are not. Of course you believe they should be “created” regardless. So I guess some of your funds are spent doing just that, who knows how you spend those dollars?

I’ve no doubt you’re living pretty well yourself. You “Leaders” always do. You’ve successfully scored your ticket to Easy Street, good for you. My hope is you remain ranting on the sidelines, for at least 8 more years, Melon Head.