DNA Markers Point To Possible Genetic Link Between Ancient Human And Modern Metrosexual Dumbass

OK, they don’t actually say this…doesn’t mean it isn’t so. The similarities are striking:


He Was Out Spreading The Gospel Of Monte Cristo

Diogenes Middle Finger found the testimonial.

saint swisher of sweets



Her Legacy Is Set

varsity captain

Golf Clears His Mind.


He’s The Attorney General Of The United States – But He’s Also A Black Man, So Nevermind

blind justice

Liberal Media Bias Illustrated

I do so hate their lying guts.




Compare And Contrast


Feds Propose Solution To California Drought Woes By Way Of Immigration Reform

Also great for fighting wild fires!


drought busters

Daft Hippies Shine Spotlight On Corrupt Texas Politician

100% partisan, progtard 501c group smokes exploding cigar…


Travis County (Austin TX) Grand Jury Indicts Rick Perry

Yeah, it’s just dirty politics. That’s all Texas Dems have in their purse. The wormy little freaks.



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