Barry’s Christmas Surprise

Not what you wanted?

feliz navidad

Merry Cromnibus!

Merry Cromnibus

Another Reality Series Coming Soon





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Democrats Lose The South

From Texas across to the Carolinas, Mary Landrieu was the Last of the Dodos.

Obama Gets CT Scan For Scratchy Sore Throat, Lady Parts

Medical team advises President to avoid stress, spicy foods and golf course hazards.


Because They All About That Race

Just like the hit song …they play it all the time.

"Every Inch Of You Is Racist From The Bottom To The Top!"

“Every Inch Of You Is Racist From The Bottom To The Top!”

I Don’t See This As A Racial Problem


Police arrest who they’re told to arrest, using methods they are trained to use. The vast majority of cops are good guys, dedicated to protecting the public under often life-threatening circumstances. I won’t fault them for doing their jobs. I blame the lawmakers and administrators who decide that selling loose cigarettes rises to the level of crimes that require this kind of aggressive response. Race doesn’t enter into it – this happens to people of all colors and all too often.

So the natural response is “let’s add even more rules” and make the problem worse. Makes no sense to me.

Fun With Un

Checking in on our fave dictaster dictator:


jong3 jong4



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